Bobby Kennedy

Author: Larry Tye
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0679645209
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Tye’s determination to sift through the tangle of often contradictory opinions means that Bobby Kennedy will stand as the definitive one-volume biography of a man much beloved, but just as often misunderstood.

Author: Daniel Silva
ISBN: 9789741010370
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เรื่องราวของการเกิดเหตุระเบิดสถานทูตอิสราเอลในกรุงโรม ...

The American Spectator

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Ickes had a successful law practice representing New York unions controlled by
the Mafia, such as the Hotel and Restaurant Workers local and a Teamsters local
that Bobby Kennedy had exposed as the domain of the Lucchese family. ... Carey
was the darling of the media elite ("60 Minutes" ran a puff piece just before the
election, and the Washington Post was reportedly dissuaded by liberal icon Joe
Rauh from running a positive article on one of Carey's opponents) and some ...

Information Services Latin America

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Perret says: "With 1964 always on his mind, Kennedy's model on civil rights was
F.D.R.'s — encouraging equality but not taking any chances — rather than
Truman's more interventionist and outspoken stance. Kennedy fretted over ...
After decades of being eclipsed by Kennedy the philanderer and Kennedy the
liberal icon, Kennedy the commander in chief may attract new attention. If so,
Laurence ... Rubin later said she was coerced into making those and other
statements. Meanwhile ...

The Race For The Eighth

Author: Gerald Sullivan
Publisher: Harpercollins
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The Making of a Congressional Campaign : Joe Kennedy's Successful Pursuit of
a Political Legacy Gerald Sullivan, Michael Kenney ... Unlike his brothers, Joe
Kennedy bears no immediate resemblance to his father Robert. ... Twenty-three
years after President Kennedy's death in 1963 and eighteen after the
assassination of Robert Kennedy, thousands of homes across Massachusetts still
displayed photographs of the fallen brothers almost as votive icons, testament to
the vitality of ...

The Empire State

Author: Milton M. Klein
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801489914
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For Governor Dewey's administration, see Richard Norton Smith, Thomas E.
Dewey and His Times (New York, 1982), and Robert P. Kerker, "The Battle for
Control of the Budget," Empire State Report 5 (June-July 1979): 20-27. New York
City liberalism is discussed in Thomas F. Kess- ner, Fiorello H. La Guardia and
the Making of Modem New York (New York, 1989); Wallace S. Sayre and Herbert
Kaufman, Governing New York City (New York, 1960); and Chris McNickle, To Be
Mayor ...

Congressional Quarterly 50

Author: United States. Congress
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Kennedy punctuated his comeback in two October debates, playing up his
experience and making Romney appear unfamiliar with the legislative process.
In one of the few bright spots of the season for Democrats, the liberal icon proved
his staying power, polling 58 percent. One key to Kennedy's political longevity
has been his careful tending to Bay State issues. In 1994, for instance, he
delivered big for Massachusetts in the spending package that closed out the
105th's legislative ...

The Polish Studies Newsletter

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Obits Eleanor Hubert Ostafin, Daniel Stepniewski, Robert B. Zajonc. CharlesL.
Kolakoski, 86, passed away 7/2 ... Ted Kennedy, D-MA is hospitalized, being
treated for depression, addiction and alcoholism. Patrick's father continues to '
walk on water' in the Senate chambers. He is revered as a liberal icon. The
Democrats ic National comm. continues to use martyrology as a political ploy.
Why is it that some politicians ... NY Republicans are making a comeback. Rick
Lazio is running for ...

America History And Life

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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4951b The Lincoln Enigma: The Changing Faces of an American Icon. 4948b
The Lincoln Image: ... for Themselves, 1865-1900. 6836b Making History: The
Biographical Narratives of Robert Penn Warren. 5561b Making Houses, Crafting
Capitalism: Builders in Philadelphia, 1790-1850. 6654b Making It in America: A
Sourcebook on Eminent Ethnic Americans. 4531b The Making of American
Audiences: From Stage to Television, 1750-1990 4543b The Making of American
Liberal ...


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"Robert Kennedy Saved From Drowning," published in 1968 but before Robert F.
Kennedy's assassination, juxtaposes a number of viewpoints in order to show
how our "real" politicians exist in surreal relation to their constituents. Among the
twenty-five or so ways of looking at a Kennedy, we really have two views from the
artist: the artist in the story "regards K. with hatred" (Sixty 81) for making a
philistine remark about his art, and Barthelme as writer of the story regards
Kennedy wryly.