Wishful Drinking

Author: Carrie Fisher
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471101096
Size: 15.31 MB
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Who knew we had bullets and guns in the house? Granted, they were my
stepfather's show guns that he wore ridiculously in some Christmas parade some
years back, but it turned out it was considered a firearm! We were suddenly more
like a mafia family than a show business one! So Pinky and I rush back to our
town house and hide the guns and bullets in the washing machine (they'll never
look there!). And we sadly flush an enormous plastic bag filled with practically an
entire lid ...

A Digest Of Patents Issued By The United States From 1790 To January 1 1839 To Which Is Added The Present Law Relating To Patents Etc

Author: Henry-Leavitt Ellsworth
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Wilder, Danforth - - Shingle machine, - - - - || 356 Wilbur, Apollos - - || Shingles,
sawing, - - - - || 357 Wilkinson, Wm. W. - || Shingles and staves, shaving, - - || 357
Willard, Julius - - || Brick press, - - - - || 364 Willard, Julius - - || Brick press, bridle,
... 398 Willard, Simon B. - - || Scrubbing floors, - - - - || 399 Willard, Simon, Jr. - ||
Washing machine, - - - - || 400 Willard, Simon, Jr. - || Washing machine, - - - - ||
403 Willson, D. G. - - I Washing machine, - - - - 404 Wilber, Eaton - - || Washing
machine, ...

Stray Bullets 6

Author: David Lapham
Publisher: Image Comics
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... 掛軸測-伽伽凧 i 嶼プ唯麓ー heist he ー p ' 0 = = c = " WASH ー NGT 。 N PRESS
NGTDN , SEPTEMBER 2 ー】 30 叩' THE DAY 。F m...H 則 S C。ME 艇西巨 H ー
NGT 。 K ーー n a =剛柵り田 m ー e ' C。ngr=~ M 働 m 竈 in ー。山 e U 』竈. iu 慨耐*
』ー M -ー m 鳳'岬ー嶼 FB ー Baf 侮 d rhv CHme 狐 d i 闔 _u 【聰'〝, Tmth Machine t
。 Ref。rm c。urts ・ W 印ー叩噌斑 y 州鞄 W 伽・This ー s Just What We '嶋 Been
Lmking f 。

Loading The Revolver With Real Bullets

Author: Paul F. Fericano
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... performer, bird-caller, fashion designer, washing machine repairman, part-time
canoe salesman, correspondence- school law student, stamp collector, and
amateur yodeler. I am presently working full-time for the post office."


Author: Catherine Coulter
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101108568
Size: 11.24 MB
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Jack fell to his knees and rolled, four bullets stitching the cabinets behind him. He
heard one dig into the beautiful marble floor. And that really made him mad. He
came up on his side and yelled, “Hey!” The man fired again, but he was off by a
good foot. Jack shot two rounds, both of them missing. The man was crouched
behind the washing machine just inside the back door. “What are you doing here
?” Jack yelled over the pumping gunfire coming from the front of the house. The
man ...


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The machine forms the lead lips of most sporting bullets and then squeezes them
between dies. This last step sizes new bullets within a tolerance of plus or minus .
0001 inch. "The lead wire, used for our bullet cores is squeezed out bv a 500-ton
press like toothpaste from a tube," states Jim Spivey, partner in the Whittier plant.
Fop. H">wf*T to Metal working by machines makes for an exceptionally clean
factory, as does the necessity of dumping into a large washing machine pieces of

Paper Bullets

Author: Kip Fulbeck
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 9780295980799
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On Sunday afternoons they wash their cars. On Thursday mornings they recycle
their glass and plastic. They walk their golden retrievers and yellow labs on
retractable leashes, picking up after them with plastic bags. There are two parks
within walking distance and a right-hand point break a half mile down the road.
It's supposed to be a good place to live and raise children. Decent schools, safe
neighborhood. That sort of thing. Next to me is a phone-answering machine, a
Panasonic ...


Author: Robert Sherrod
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1626361835
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Not long afterward a dozen Jap machine guns started chattering at the men on
and off the pier, their pink tracer bullets curving out of the palm trees until they
were doused in the water. But—of all things, some of this fire was coming from
our own ... Jap machine guns began chattering back of us and pink streams
poured toward the beach; the Nips apparently were trying to direct Washing
Machine Charley to us with their effeminate-looking tracers. Charley dropped a
84 T.A. R. A. W. A.