Dog Company

Author: Lynn Vincent
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The Army does not want you to read this book.

The Republic Or A History Of The United States Of America In The Administrations

Author: John Robert Irelan
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The plan was immediately changed ; three companies of infantry, on the left,
were wheeled into echelon, and advanced to the low town, accompanied by
Merriwether's rifle company, and two troops of light dragoons, under the
command of Captains Irwin and Steele. "The residue of the force approached the
upper town, and the battle soon became general. The Indians presented
themselves at every point, and fought with the desperate bravery of real fanatics.
The well-directed fire, ...

Proceedings Of The United States Naval Institute

Author: United States Naval Institute
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The Marines plan to invest more in Iraqi Security Forces. 3 November 2004. with
particular emphasis to the coalition offensive against Fallujah in April 2004. Vo
True Glory stands as a worthwhile istory and a proud tribute to American military
personnel. West specializes in up-close accounts lf combat actions and policy
deliberaions. He openly sympathizes with young ervicemen, wanting readers to
apprecite their warrior ethos and selflessness. He demands much more, however
, from ...

Army Navy Air Force Journal Register

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Wherever two or more of the larger European powers attack each other—and this
is the only point which demands our interest—they will begin the war with their
entire available force, and this may in a certain sense be called their absolute
war .... THE Leavenworth Times says: “Now that Congress has at last awakened
to the justice of in some measure compensating the commanders of the U. S.
military prison located at this post, it is hoped Colonel A. P. Blunt, U.S.A., will
abandon the ...

The United States Army And Navy Journal And Gazette Of The Regular And Volunteer Forces

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It is recognized as the mark of the end of the first great period in our history, the
period of occupation in the face of hostile foes. Hitherto the Army has been cut up
into many small and detached commands, and the unity which ought to prevail in
'in Army has been per force disregarded. It is remarkable that in these
circumstances, lasting through generations, we have preserved the true Army
spirit so well. That we have done so is due to the superior intelligence of the
American, however ...

Far Eastern Economic Review

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... forces not only overran a second RLA position, but burned it to the ground. The
Laotian High Command, which reacted with considerable anger to the initial
communist attacks, assembled a 1 ,200-man force to retake the lost positions, but
its plans for a counterattack were twice vetoed at the eleventh-hour by Prime
Minister Souvanna Phouma. Quite inexplicably, on April 12 and 14, the North
Vietnamese-Pathet Lao troops abandoned their newly-captured positions and
RLA soldiers, ...

History Of Union And Middlesex Counties New Jersey

Author: W. Woodford Clayton
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Hunter, with a large Union force, having abandoned the Shenandoah Valley, Lee
sent Early northwards with all the force he could muster. ... Wallace, in command
of our forces. ... At length a body of the rebel army, moving out of range of our
guns and flanking our left, forced a psmge 0f the Monocacy two miles below the
bridge, on the Washington road, at once advancing in battle array upon Bicketts,
who had changed front to the left to meet their advance on his flank, his right
resting ...

The Washington Post Index

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School Board, attempting to address widespread ethnic disparities and crowding,
completed a key phase of a broad restructuring by redrawing elementary and
high school attendance boundaries. (M) Mr 18 - B, 1:1 After ... NATIONAL
CEMETERY Some 30 young men from Paul Junior High School in Washington
DC were asked to come to Arlington National Cemetery and learn about their
history as part of the Salute to African American Heroes, photo. (M) F-26 - B, 1:1
Jacqueline ...

The Argonaut

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Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Fisher Wood Tells the Story of America's Foremost
Soldier. --- Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Fisher Wood explains that there is no blood
relationship between him and MajorGeneral Leonard Wood, whose biography he
writes. During the war the author was twice wounded and twice decorated. He
was only twenty-four years of age, but the end of hostilities found him a
lieutenantcolonel on the general staff—“a result of the impetus gained at
Plattsburg under the ...

Niles Weekly Register

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The plan was immediately changed—three companies of infantry on the left were
wheeled to the left into echellon, and were advanced to the low town,
accompanied by Meriwether's rifle company, and two troops of light dra: goons
under the command of captains Irwin and Steele. The residue of the force
approached the upper town, and the battle soon became general. The In: dians
presented themselves at every point, and fought with the desperate bravery of
real fanatics– The well ...