Optimism Over Despair

Author: Noam Chomsky
ISBN: 9781608467990
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Wide-ranging interviews on war, power, and politics with Noam Chomsky, the world's leading critic of US foreign policy.

The Activist

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The capitalist empire may not yet be crumbling, but cracks are emerging which
are hard to conceal and which highlight the contradictions between liberal
ideology and capitalist reality. The hopeful ... For a worker, this paralysis in
affecting political and social change exists on two levels— a lack of control over
what is to be produced in the factory or how it will be done, and a parallel inability
to respond to broader social questions such as Watergate, the energy crisis, and

How Societies Work

Author: Joanne Naiman
ISBN: 9780176415631
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In terms of opposition to capitalism itself, there has certainly been some very
successful opposition to corporate rule around the world, although such
opposition up to this point has been erratic and mostly localized. ... It is therefore
unreasonable to expect a majority of people in any country to be swept into a
struggle for social change until conditions of their lives have eroded to the point
where they cannot continue as they are. ... We are living in a time of great
cynicism and despair.

The Journal Of Intercultural Studies

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... for an optimism in the fate of man in his struggle to break through the chains
forged by feudalism and later by capitalism. In Urdu poetry Josh Malihabadi
became a zealous champion of the social commitment. Raghupati Sahai 'Firaq'
participated in the freedom struggle. Here are a few examples to illustrate his line
of thought : "See with Firaq the march of Revolution How slow and yet how fast,
Has in the vast Halting places flown past like dust particles; Yet the steps of the
changing ...


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The war pushed Butler first toward radicalism, but then toward despair over
human brutality. Like many other intellectuals in the English-speaking world, he
was deeply affected by what one might call the Moment of Stalingrad. In the
northern hemisphere winter of 1942-3, the Soviet Union's (USSR) astonishing
resistance to Hitler produced an outpouring of admiration for the Russians and
their supposedly 'socialist' order which briefly drew the intelligentsia of the British
dominions ...

Books And Bookmen

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Born in Budapest in 1885, the son of a Jewish banker, his background was the
bourgeois culture of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire in its last years, and almost
all his considerable body of work in ... Lukács was rescued from his existential
despair, which had intensified during the war, by the Russian revolution, which
seemed to him to open a road to humanity which led beyond war and beyond
capitalism, and completed his conversion to Marx. For the past 50 years Lukács
has ...

Economic Outlook

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Since then there have been some "changes in the cradle", but the original citadel
overtaken by the "end of history" now lies unmistakably in tatters. In between
these starts and finishes ... where a vibrant local bourgeoise had developed
alongside the imperial presence of an empire on which the sun had for long
years never set. It wet thus no wonder that that ... little optimism in the forecasts.
The mass of the population was in an impasse and gripped by apathy bordering
on despair.

History Of Civilization

Author: Robin W. Winks
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780133931587
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In due course the railroad would tie continents together with ribbons of steel,
changing the way people calculated distance. ... The industrial revolution would,
in time, produce a global economy in which developments in a remote corner of a
colonial empire would influence price, population, and social customs in
European metropolitan centers. ... Marxism, Leninism, and the array of attacks
upon the capitalist mode of production grew out of debates over the industrial